Product Characteristics: DESIGN:
An impressive example of modularity and flexibility, this sound absorbing mural system allows the creation of a colorful mosaic, punctuated with OLED light sources. The luminous modules are movable and can be playfully rearranged on the spot with the use of its simple and intuitive magnetic connection.

The initial installation of the housing boxes allows the electrical connections to be easily made throughout the system. The acoustic panels are secured with a non-visible screw. The light modules are quickly applied in the desired location.

Minimalist mobile state-of-the-art OLED modules, fitted with an incredibly thin and perfectly diffuse OLED light source. The integrated 0-10V system allows all light sources to be dimmed simultaneously.

Laser cut sheet steel framing finished in a black architectural grade fine texture finish, covered with thick acoustical polyester felt panels offered in cold and warm colour group options. Precisely milled anodized aluminum light module casing.

Acoustic felt panels made from recycled PET bottles with an NRC of 0.75 ASTM C423. Sound absorbing material is fire rated equivalent ASTM E-84 Class A / CAN ULC S102 and is fully recyclable. Low VOC, no formaldehyde, non-irritable, odorless, stable.
Finish SAB
Shade Finish: ABF | AWF | BBF | BOF | BTF | BYF | CCF | CHF | NBF | OBF | PGF | REF | SGF | TGF | WCF | ZFF
Available Light Sources
4W, OLED 3000K (Warm) 0-10V DIMMING 120-277V
4W, OLED 4000K (Neutral) 0-10V DIMMING 120-277V

Application Photos