Product Characteristics: Design:
A sound absorbing structure that installs onto the Cycle luminaire to improve the sound quality of your space. It uses a proven ecological sound absorbing material to reduce unwanted reflected sounds to dampen ambient noises.

It installs quickly and without the need of tools on an existing suspended Cycle luminaire (sold separately).

Acoustic panels are composed of a sound absorbing (NRC 0.75) rigid and ecological synthetic felt. Made from recycled and recyclable polyester (PET) fibers that have low VOC's, no formaldehyde, are non-irritable and odorless.

Acoustic: ASTM C423 0.65 NRC/SAA 0.66. Test RAL-A15-387 Riverbank Acoustical laboratories.
Fire rating: Equivalent to C423 ASTM E-84/CAN ULC S102 Class A.
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