Hidden Beauty

Hidden inside an elegant form is the beautiful soft glow of LED illumination that encircles a surprising hollow core. Aperture is a decorative pendant that is available in three formats (12”, 24” and 36”) and is ideal for medium and large spaces that require a statement.

At first look, Aperture is a large, sober form, but the hollow-core design offers a sense of play and interaction that draws users underneath to discover its inner lightness. Instead of traditional glare control using a diffuser, the design and development team decided that a completely indirect light source would produce better quality glare-free ambient illumination. The result is soft glowing light without a direct sightline or hint of the LED light source. The contemporary yet classic lines of the Aperture shades are realized in thick aluminum sheet to ensure structural rigidity, superior thermal management and quality that will result in an extremely long product life-cycle. The handmade shade’s interior finish is always highly reflective white and the exterior is available in either white or anthracite textured powder coat finish. Aperture is delivered with a 0-10v dimming driver that is integrated into the fixture for ease of installation and better performance.

Aperture is designed for a very long use cycle. The shape has elegant proportions with classic curves and will remain contemporary for years to come. The LED /driver system is designed to be robust and suited for long life and is field serviceable. Likewise, the thermal management and LED performance have been carefully tested and optimized. When it does reach its end-of-life the Aperture structure is a simple construction of mostly aluminum components mechanically attached that can be easily disassembled and recycled. The manufacturing of the fixture features stringent ESD control to ensure a minimum of latent static charge damage to LED components that can prematurely affect the life of the light source.