Simple and Elegant

The perfectly diffused direct/indirect illumination of Cycle creates a luminous halo that fills large spaces with presence and simplicity. Four diameters (Ø24”, Ø36”, Ø54”, Ø72”) are available in suspension, surface and wall mount. The Cycle XL (Ø115”, Ø152”) is available in suspension. The Cycle can be used individually, as well as, in groups of fixtures to create large landscapes of light. This fixture is a clever use of joined, concentric profiles and an impressive flexible light engine. The source is completely hidden from the viewer, and the effect is a glowing halo of light that is at once discrete and bold.

Cycle’s simple and elegant design is the result thinking outside the box…or circle! Our design and development team wanted to develop a large format fixture that took advantage of the compact and powerful nature of discreet LED technologies, but the team did not want it to look like a retrofitted fluorescent fixture. With a custom designed and manufactured light engine that can deliver approximately 1000 lm/ft initial lumens and a diffuser-less design, Cycle effectively illuminates without glare, and at the same time is designed to operate coolly and will have incredible performance over a long life. The seamless structure is easy to install, adjust and level with triple aircraft cable mounting, rolled concentric aluminum extrusions with highly reflective, matte white polyester powder coating.

The Cycle features a simple structure with aluminum components mechanically attached that can be easily disassembled and recycled. The internal system is equally well designed and offers quality components, effective thermal management and LED performance that has been carefully tested and optimized. The manufacturing of the fixture features stringent ESD control to ensure a minimum of latent static charge damage to LED components that can prematurely affect the life of the light source.

Cycle’s clean-lined design will remain contemporary for years to come.