Ring of Light

The Odeon fixture is a perfectly diffused glowing ring of light available in two extremely large formats (Ø80”, Ø118”). Odeon’s success is in the simple and elegant way it achieves this extremely challenging task. The circular ring shape is strangely familiar, but in fact is only achievable through the possibilities offered by an LED light source. Odeon has been conceived using a minimalist structure and self-supporting roto-moulded MDPE shades that allow for both extremely effective direct/indirect illumination with an unencumbered design.  The weight, structural bulk and environmental impact have been reduced by having the moulded diffuser act as the structure.

Odeon can light large spaces with as much as 23000 lumens that provide perfectly diffused yet efficient performance with approximately 80% efficiency. Each Odeon ring is made up of three sections that are easily installed using a clever chrome interlocking joiner system that hides all fasteners, yet provided a secure and easy to connect.

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