Modern Motion

Switch proposes a shift in how decorative pendant lighting is perceived, suggesting that functionality can blend harmoniously with raw luxury. Switch is a scalable lighting fixture that can be tailored to fit any environment. What is innovative about the Switch is its capacity for motion and scaleability paired with beautiful modern styling. Switch is a flexibly luxurious system consisting of direct and indirect arms that can be combined with different lengths of poles to create a wide variety of arrangements.

The objective of the design and development team was to create a fixture that can be customized to fill a large space, modular and shipped in relatively small boxes compared to the space it fills. To accomplish this, the project development focused on an intelligent bearing component - an internal technology that facilitates the individual arm rotation, and the system scaleability.  Each arm can rotate 350 degrees around the stem covering a maximum diameter of 88 inches. Switch synthesizes functionality with performance - outputting over 1400 delivered lumens per arm in both 3000K and 4000K CCT. The thermal management in the Switch fixture was effectively maximized by mounting the LED boards directly to the inside of the aluminum extrusion, which acts as a large traversal thermal diffusing surface. To maximize transmission and diffusion efficiency, an Optifuse lens is used to enhance diffusion while minimizing light loss and glare. As well, the geometry of the lens promotes light extraction with an unwavering fit and finish. Utilizing optimal manufacturing processes and intelligent component design, Switch incorporates distinct minimal aesthetics with practical application.

 Switch is remarkably capable yet incredibly simple.