_Product Characteristics DESIGN:
SLICE 8293-54 is an eye-catching 54" long graphic linear light source compatible with ARENA 54" (8200-54). Up to four 54" SLICE can be arranged or intersected on ARENA 54" ring to create a unique pattern effect.

9W LED linear light engine with custom engineered acrylic diffuser. Each SLICE diffuser can be rotated 180° on-site for direct or indirect illumination. Up to two SLICE can be flipped to the upper position to overlap one or two SLICE in the lower position for a unique intersecting look (up to a total of four SLICE per ARENA ring).

Magnetically positioned anywhere on the ARENA for easy on-site installation or reconfiguration of the lighting environment. A maximum of up to four SLICE 54" can be installed on each ARENA 54" and can be combined with additional ARENA lightsources (8290, 8291, 8292) for a total load of up to 90W DC.

Custom designed aluminum extrusion with aluminum diecast endcaps offered in white or black architectural grade finish.
_Structure finish: BLKE | WHE
_Available light sources
8W, LED 3000K (Warm)
8W, LED 3500K (Natural)
8W, LED 4000K (Neutral)

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