Eureka is a manufacturer of indoor and outdoor decorative lighting. Eureka designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes specification-grade lighting products across North America. We are offering niche products focused on design, innovation and function. Its professional as well diversified team is committed to continue to offer a complete line of products. We are always looking for qualified people. Join a dynamic and rigorous team which focuses on the quality of work, team spirit and customer service. We invite you to consult our employment opportunities.


Factory job position
- Assembler - Lighting products
- Packer
- Warehouse Clerk
- Picking Clerk
- Shipping Clerk
- Receiving Clerk
- Production Coordinator
Administration, Sales, RD & Design, Supply:
- Buyer
- IT Technician
- Accounting Analyst
- Accounting Technician
- Director
- Supervisor
- Industrial Designer
- Engineer
- Human Resources Advisor
- Receptionist
- Customer Service Representative

01/29/2024 _Learn More
01/29/2024 _Learn More