About Us

Since 1987, Eureka has been working relentlessly to enhance architectural spaces with compelling lighting solutions. At Eureka we come to work every day with a passion for light and design.

We strive to understand what lighting designers, interior designers and architects need to help them bring their ideas from concept to reality.  

We go beyond form and function and see things through the eyes of the designer. We have a love of space and how lighting can define it, and we design for flexibility, style and elegance. Our goal is to create products that truly inspire specifiers to transform spaces.

Eureka’s wide range of industry leading products is a testament to our ongoing commitment to technological innovation and creative design. This passion for designing, developing and manufacturing distinctive, best-in-class, specification grade decorative lighting has been recognized with many prestigious awards. Our company has been honored to receive multiple Red Dot awards, NGL (Next Generation Luminaires) awards, PIA (Product Innovation Awards), and many other accolades.

As part of The Luminaires Group, Eureka can call upon the deep expertise from all divisions in the family to continue to revolutionize the industry with new innovative solutions.

More about The Luminaires Group at luminairesgroup.com.


Give lighting specifiers the power to re-imagine space, and bring their concept to reality through best-in-class specification grade decorative lighting solutions.


To push the boundaries of architectural decorative light, by providing the most versatile and inspiring products in the lighting industry. By exploring every aspect of product design and discovering new ways to empower specifiers, we aspire to bring great lighting to everyone’s space.


We place a strong emphasis on our own personal performance excellence, professional fulfillment, and work-life balance. They are important as they enable us to do our best work and reach our full potential. Here are our core values:


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