About Us

Since 1987, Eureka, a brand within the Acuity Brands Lighting and Controls portfolio, has been working relentlessly to enhance the environment of the end user with compelling lighting solutions. Our passion for designing and manufacturing best-in-class, distinctive, specification grade decorative luminaires enables lighting designers, designers and architects to transform their concepts into reality. Our multi-award-winning contemporary lighting products are available throughout North America.


Give lighting specifiers the power to re-imagine space, and bring their concept to reality through best-in-class specification grade decorative lighting solutions.


To push the boundaries of architectural decorative light, by providing the most versatile and inspiring products in the lighting industry. By exploring every aspect of product design and discovering new ways to empower specifiers, we aspire to bring great lighting to everyone’s space.


We place a strong emphasis on our own personal performance excellence, professional fulfillment, and work-life balance. They are important as they enable us to do our best work and reach our full potential. Here are our core values:


corporate values EN3




We are working diligently towards a more sustainable future by innovating in our products, our processes, and our physical workspace. We are committed to operational carbon savings through the use of renewal energy and local sourcing, and we recycle and reuse production waste. Every day we challenge our design team to improve product efficiency, to design products for recyclability, and to implement green design processes that reduce material and packaging. As we experiment with these new approaches to design and manufacturing, we are leading the way to an even greener future.