Acoustic lighting now available in 26 new premium felt colors

Acoustic lighting now available in 26 new premium felt colors

Eureka®, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, is pleased to announce that its acoustic luminaires are now available in 30 colors.

In addition to its standard selection (red, navy blue, silver gray, dark gray), Eureka now offers 26 premium colors of acoustic material. Designers can take advantage of a neutral palette to blend or soften an aesthetic or transform a space with dynamic splashes of color across a ceiling or wall.

Sound absorbing acoustic panels are comprised of high-density PET (polyethylene/polyester) felt. Composed of at least 40% recycled content, it is also 100% recyclable. When sound encounters the felt fibers, the fibers move slightly to absorb a portion of the sound. The technology contributes to the acoustic comfort of a space.

Premium colors are available in these acoustic products:

Area, a round, slim profile fixture available in suspended, ceiling surface and wall surface mount

Hex Area, the hexagon-shaped version of the Area luminaire

Matrix, a wall mosaic system featuring configurable acoustic panels punctuated with OLED light sources

Mute, a soft, colorful sound absorbing pendant available in 16” and 32” diameters

Mill, the newest pendant from Eureka, featuring fifteen felt blades that create a cylindrical shape

Quadrant, a pendant with rounded, interlocking fins, offered lit and unlit

Tone, a sound absorbing structure that installs onto the Cycle luminaire

For more information on Eureka’s sound absorbing products, and a full list of all available felt panel colors, visit

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