Eureka Announces New Formats for Odeon Luminaire

Eureka Announces New Formats for Odeon Luminaire

Eureka , an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, today announced several new formats for its Odeon luminaire.

Odeon is a circular ring of glowing illumination. A dual-sided curved light engine provides even illumination over the entire surface; its white translucent diffuser is composed of strong, lightweight, and impact resistant MDPE polymer. The pendants are designed to create a statement in large spaces such as lobbies, indoor courtyards, mezzanines, and expansive retail areas.

Initially introduced in XL formats of 80" and 118" diameters, the family now includes three smaller sizes of 26.5", 38.5", and 50.8". And while the XL diffusers are each composed of three sections, the new sizes consist of a single diffuser, creating a continuous circle of illumination.

All pendants in the family include a selection of canopy options. Each Odeon fixture is suspended with aircraft cables that can be manipulated so the fixture hangs straight or at an angle. With the addition of the smaller pendants, designers can now layer up to three rings of varying sizes to create a bespoke chandelier-like arrangement.

Surface mounting is a new feature for the Odeon family and is available for the smaller rings, creating a unique ceiling aesthetic.

Low, regular, or high output options may be selected for any of the five sizes of Odeon. Color temperatures range from 2700K to 5000K; tunable white is now available for the smaller pendants. Control options include 0-10V dimming, phase dimming, nLight® AIR, or nLight wired control.

For areas where ambient noise is a concern, the 26.5", 38.5", and 50.8" luminaires, in pendant or surface mount, may be enhanced with an acoustic panel. The panel comprises a rigid sound-absorbing synthetic felt easily installed without tools. Recyclable and odorless, it contains at least 40% recycled polyethylene (PET). The felt finish is available in 14 standard colors and 16 premium colors.

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