Eureka Lighting Wins Three LIT Design Awards™

Eureka Lighting Wins Three LIT Design Awards™

Eureka® is pleased to announce that its Cliff, Knit, and Celeste luminaires have received 2020 LIT Design Awards™.

The LIT Design Awards was created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting designers. Each submitted design was evaluated by a grand jury panel composed of experienced and prominent academics, professionals, press members, entrepreneurs, and key leaders in the lighting industry.

Cliff won in the Outdoor Wall Lighting category. Ideal for illuminating exterior facades, entrances, yards, and terraces, Cliff is a minimalist, wall mounted luminaire that enables multiple design options in the same compact package. It can be installed in two different vertical orientations, encouraging designers to play with the luminaire silhouette to create a composition. Available in single or dual light direction, Cliff luminaires can be arranged to create different lighting patterns to meet the aesthetic or functional needs of an outdoor space.

Knit was recognized in the Pendant Lighting category. It features a thermoformed shade made from sound-absorbing recycled PET felt that increases acoustic comfort in a space. It is intended for areas where noise is a concern, including high or unfinished ceilings, open offices, or corridors with a hard floor finish. The luminaire's design also integrates a distinctive power cord that extends from the fixture's upper side for a truly unique look.

Celeste was also a winner in the Pendant Lighting category. It is a clean, minimalist pendant featuring an elegant artisanal cast glass disc. Vertical stems passing through the light fixture create a visual continuity with the cable, accentuated by the glowing glass disc to create a striking effect. Its integrated connector allows individual Celeste heads to be connected in a vertical pattern, enabling large, impressive installations or smaller elegant clusters.

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