Eureka Wins Four GOOD DESIGN® Awards

Eureka Wins Four GOOD DESIGN® Awards

Eureka, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, is pleased to announce that all four luminaires in its Tangram family have won GOOD DESIGN® Awards.

GOOD DESIGN was founded in Chicago in 1950. Each year The Chicago Athenaeum presents the GOOD DESIGN Awards Program for the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world. The emphasis of the GOOD DESIGN program is on quality design of the highest form, function, and aesthetics to a standard beyond ordinary products and graphics. Tangram-Trace, Tangram-Cut, Tangram-Essential, and Tangram-Tact were all recognized in the Lighting category.

The Tangram family is defined by bold four-inch-wide straps, which can be configured into various geometries using spacers that pull in or push out the straps to create striking shapes. A flat power cable is fully concealed inside each strap.

Tangram-Trace, the original luminaire in the innovative Tangram family, uses a prismatic lens to create a dramatic aesthetic while providing high-quality diffused linear illumination. Luminaires, in 2', 4', and 6' lengths, flow seamlessly into the straps from which they are suspended. The straps can be configured into 12 pre-set shapes, or designers can work with the Eureka team to create other configurations.

Precision machining from a solid glass block gives the Tangram-Cut pendant its striking, jewel-like feel. Internal frosting and a distinctive concave bottom help to diffuse light from the 8-inch diameter luminaire. The unique aesthetic is suited to luxurious environments such as high-end hospitality settings.

Tangram-Essential features a honeycomb or prismatic lens. The 8-inch cylinder provides excellent visual impact at the base of the bold four-inch-wide straps, which can be configured and suspended in multiple ways. Tangram-Essential brings geometric interest to lobbies and informal lounges or meeting areas.

Warm, soft curves define Tangram-Tact. A COB light source, deeply recessed within the 12-inch diameter housing, reduces glare and increases user comfort. Precision light control can highlight specific areas such as seating areas, pathways, or corridors.

Tangram-Cut, Tangram-Essential, and Tangram-Tact are each available as a surface or pendant mounting type.

More information about the Tangram family is available here.


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