Eureka Wins Four Product Innovation Awards from Architectural SSL Magazine

Eureka Wins Four Product Innovation Awards from Architectural SSL Magazine

Eureka, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, is pleased to announce that its Berri, Billie, Caldera, and Henri luminaires have each received a 2022 Product Innovation Award (PIA) from Architectural SSL magazine.

The PIA recognizes innovative LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market, while also spotlighting the players behind the components that make up these light sources. Judging and evaluation of products and systems was completed by a distinguished panel of 16 designers and lighting specialists skilled in product evaluation. Manufacturers are awarded for products with attributes, qualities, functionality, and/or performance beyond industry standards. 

Berri is a classic ball and seamless tube design that is available in more than 35 configurations to create many moods and looks. Luminaires scale from 36” to 120”, and in multiple form factors including angular, linear horizontal, linear vertical, hexagonal, square, and rectangle. With a unique loop gripper, these shapes can be installed at angles up to 60-degrees. 

Billie is a large-scale architectural luminaire with a distinctive hollow center. The internal geometry of the luminaire, including the top radius, is optimized to improve the light spread inside the shape. And a return around the bottom edge acts as a reflector, casting shadow-free light evenly onto the curved interior surface. As a result, Billie creates comfortable illumination for occupants below, regardless of mounting height.

Caldera is a minimalist ring pendant with an invisible light source that creates a diffused glow. Offered in 28” or 46” diameters, the rings can be mounted in suspension, wall surface, or ceiling surface. With a thin 2.7-inch profile, ceiling or wall-mounted versions are appropriate for tighter spaces or low ceilings. Caldera’s light source is hidden with the ring’s cavity; the conical-shaped shade redirects light downwards to create ambient, Lambertian illumination that is glare-free from any angle.

Henri is a contemporary pendant offering a generous amount of direct illumination. Individual pendants can illuminate an informal meeting space or serve as a centerpiece above a seating area. Designers can also group the fixtures in linear or organic arrays to create a unique effect in high-volume spaces. High-performance LEDs offer superior performance, and a translucent diffuser provides uniform illumination.

All four luminaires are showcased in the November issue of Architectural SSL magazine.

More information about Berri, Billie, Caldera, Henri, and other Eureka products is available here:

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