New emergency battery options available

New emergency battery options available

Selected Eureka luminaires can be specified with an emergency battery pack for illumination during power outages.

New optional emergency pack accessories are now offered with the following products:

ꟷ Alma

ꟷ Aperture

ꟷ Bloom

ꟷ Bolt

ꟷ Cliff

ꟷ Cycle (4800-24 / 4800-36 / 4800-54 / 4800-72 / 3800-24/ 3800-36 / 3800-54 / 3800-72)

ꟷ Lily

ꟷ Mika (4230-RAP / 4230-RAQ)

ꟷ Moonrise Classic LED

ꟷ Moonrise Plus LED

ꟷ Moonset Classic LED

ꟷ Moonset Plus LED

ꟷ Mute

ꟷ Scout

ꟷ Stroke

ꟷ Stella

ꟷ Twin

ꟷ Valco

ꟷ Verner

 More information about this in our EM Guide here.

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