Eureka® today announced the release of its Celeste pendant. Celeste is a decorative lighting disc that is formed from artisanal casted glass. It features integrated connectors that allow individual Celeste heads to be connected vertically, providing the opportunity to create large impactful installation as well as smaller clusters.

Celeste is offered in multiple canopy styles and in clear or frosted glass. Specifiers can choose from one of more than thirty preconfigured configurations or create their own unique display.

Each Celeste head has an integrated connector that enables up to six individual heads to be attached together vertically. The simple connection enables large scale installations featuring multiple heads with very few cables, to create striking visual displays. Connectors are hidden with the core of the fixture to maintain the aesthetic elegance.

Three canopy options are available for Celeste. Droplet, available in black, is a small 3-inch canopy developed to connect a single cable Celeste seamlessly to the ceiling. Drop is a canopy for three or six cables for classic round clusters and is available in black, chrome or white. And, Array is a rectangular canopy for three or five cables to create linear arrangements, which is also available in black, chrome or white.

“The intent behind Celeste was to revisit the classic glass pendant chandelier. We wanted to convey a harmonious design idea, from the ceiling to the bottom of the luminaire,” said Louis Thomas-Bérubé, director of design at Eureka. ““That is why, instead of adding the power cable as an unwanted necessity, we integrated it seamlessly into the design. The details, from the canopy to the bottom of the light source, speak the same language.”

More information about Celeste is available here:

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