Eureka®, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, today announced the release of its Henri architectural luminaire. Henri is a contemporary pendant offering a generous amount of direct illumination in a space.

With its mix of curved lines and hard edges, Henri pendants can be utilized in various ways to accentuate modern work or hospitality environments. Individual pendants can illuminate an informal meeting space or serve as a centerpiece above dining room tables or reception seating. Designers can also group the fixtures in linear or organic arrays to create a unique effect in high-volume spaces such as halls and lobbies.

Available in 11" and 17" diameters and in a black or white finish, Henri pendants can subtly integrate into a space or emerge as a bold design element. Cable or stem suspension options are available to create the desired effect. Installation and adjustments are simplified, with a discreet magnetic canopy hiding any hardware.

High-performance LEDs offer superior performance, with up to 4200 delivered lumens. And a translucent diffuser provides uniform illumination. Different output levels may be specified to meet a diverse range of applications.

More information about Henri is available here:

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