Eureka today announced the release and immediate availability of the Hex Area luminaires. With its strong geometric aesthetics and mounting options, Hex Area can be used as a highlighting element, in series to define a large space, or as a creative wall composition.

Offered in different sizes, light outputs, mounting types and finishes Hex Area is both functional and decorative as a standalone fixture or in a group.

Hex Area is available in three mounting types; suspended, ceiling surface or wall mounted. The wall mounted version is ADA compliant and there is an optional uplight module for the suspended version. The wall mounted and ceiling mounted version have a convenient built-in shadow line that compensates for uneven ceiling surfaces for a clean install.

With its high lumen output module, Hex Area can be used in high ceiling and open areas where illuminating the space below is important. And the optional uplight can highlight visually interesting ceilings when suspended. On a ceiling, on a wall or suspended, multiple hexagonal fixtures make it possible to create regular or asymmetric patterns.

The luminaire is available in two sizes - 23.4” and 36.5” wide, with outputs ranging from 3,620 lumens to 18,000 lumens. Its high performance frosted acrylic diffuser reduces glare while allowing a generous amount of light to be delivered. It is offered in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K CCT and in black, white or gray fine-textured finishes.

Hex Area is also offered with a sound absorbing panel option. The diffuser is replaced with a high-density polyester felt panel, which absorbs sound to reduce ambient noise. With the sound absorbing panels, designers can play with shapes, light and sound to create comfort and interest in spaces.

Feature summary:

-        Three mounting types: suspended, ceiling surface and wall mounted (ADA compliant)

-        Built in shadow line for ceiling surface and wall mounted versions for uneven surface compensation

-        Two sizes: 23.4” and 36.5” wide

-        Regular Output of 3,620 lumens (24” version) and 9,650 lumens (36” version). High Output of 4,470 lumens (24”) and 11,400 (36”)

-        Maximum outputs 9,000 lumens (24”) and 18,000 lumens (36”) when direct and indirect light sources combined

-        CCT of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K

-        Phase dimming or 0-10V dimming

-        High performance frosted acrylic diffuser for glare control

-        Black, white or gray fine-textured finish options

-        Sound absorbing panels available in two finishes: charcoal or silver gray

More information about Hex Area is available on this website. 

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