New Quickship program

New Quickship program

Eureka announces today that it is launching a new Quickship program. The program will enable architects, lighting designers and interior designers to choose LED lighting products that will ship within ten business days, avoiding long lead times for fast-track projects. The program includes fourteen distinctive products.

The products included in the program are: 

  • Aperture, a contemporary pendant with a hollow center, available in 12”, 24” or 36” diameters
  • Bloom, a pendant or surface mounted luminaire with a soft an inviting shape, available in two sizes and a variety of finishes
  • Cycle, a striking ring pendant, available in 24”, 36” or 54” diameters
  • Mika, a classic round globe with a high-tech frosted shade
  • Moonrise Classic, a cylindrical wall sconce or surface mounted fixture
  • Mute, a soft, colorful sound absorbing pendant available in 16” and 32” diameters
  • Scout, a sleek cylindrical luminaire, pendant or surface mount, in 6”, 10” or 18” diameters
  • Stella, a powerful pendant with direct and indirect illumination in a minimalist housing
  • Switch, an expandable linear luminaire system that is modern and striking
  • Tone, a sound absorbing structure that installs onto the Cycle luminaire
  • Tumbler, a crisp, minimal wall-mounted accent luminaire made with tough machined glass
  • Twin, a charming fixture with a simple double layered shade sheltering a halo of indirect light
  • Valco, a contemporary pendant with unique lines
  • Verner, a powerful pendant combined with a timeless geometric aesthetic


Find out more about Eureka’s Quickship program here.

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