Outline included in IES Progress Report 2020

Outline included in IES Progress Report 2020

Eureka®, an established leader in decorative lighting solutions, is pleased to announce that its Outline luminaire family has been selected for inclusion in the 2020 IES Progress Report, an annual publication recognizing significant contributions to the global lighting industry.

Published by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), a collegial community dedicated to improving the lighting environment, the IES Progress Committee’s mission is to track significant new advancements in the art and science of lighting throughout the world, and prepare a yearly report of achievements for the Society.

Outline is a range of modern luminaires with recessed, surface and suspended mounting iterations, with a wide variety of head number and arrangement options. Challenging traditional notions of projector-type lighting design, Outline’s innovative optics represent a leap in lens design. Advanced optics, featuring lenticular groves of a unique TIR Lens, create a more uniform and effective light beam enabling quality illumination with a smooth cut-off.

Outline can be aimable or fixed "point and shoot," providing a powerful spot or high-quality ambient light.

“Outline brings a modern aesthetic that translates to a wide range of spaces,” said Louis Thomas-Bérubé, director of design at Eureka. “The family can accentuate modern workspaces, craft ambiance in hospitality environments, or offer precise aimability to illuminate retail displays. We’re honored that Outline was selected to be included in the IES Progress Report.”

Acceptance in the Progress Report is based on an impartial judging process by the Committee, which evaluates each submission on its uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the lighting industry. Accepted 2020 submittals will be presented to the IES membership and global lighting community, published in LD+A magazine, and showcased at upcoming virtual IES section meetings.

More information about Outline is available here.


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