Product Characteristics: DESIGN:
Compose an original pattern of light with these warmly diffused soft felt hexagonal shapes. Create your personal motif using one or several sets of up to 12 Nodes at varying angles to add a large unique ambient lighting pattern and inspiration to your space.

Designed for rapid installation of up to 12 units on a single junction box. Quick
connection through a discreet joiner arm on mounting surface. Units are added in increments of 60°. The shade is quickly secured with magnetic fittings (screw attachment option available).

Each 12" Node features three 1W LED sources for a total of 3W and the larger 17" Node features three 2W single LED sources for a total of 6W; resulting in a diffused light on the installation surface.

A hexagon shaped 3D molded synthetic felt material made of recycled polyester; it is light, rigid, recyclable and sound absorbing. Low VOC, no formaldehyde, non-irritable, odourless, stable.

c-CSA-us. ASTM C423 0.75 NRC material. Fire rating equivalent: C423 ASTM E-84 / CAN ULC S102 Class A

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