Alphawave Semi

Architectural luminaires bring visual interest and wayfinding to open office plan

Alphawave Semi operates in the technology infrastructure space and has grown rapidly since its inception. To accommodate its expanding team and encourage employees to return to the office post-Covid, the company moved to a 20,000 sq. ft. space in Kanata (Ottawa, Canada). Local firm Parallel 45 Design Group Ltd. was hired to develop the new office concept.

The workstations and collaborative spaces, both open and closed, were strategically placed to promote productivity and collaboration among team members. Eureka luminaires feature prominently in the new design, particularly in the collaborative spaces.

“We chose the Eureka pendants for their functionality, of course, but also for their aesthetics," said Robin Peixoto, principal at Parallel 45. "Each creates a visual interest, standing out from the regular office lighting.”

Eureka's unique Moto luminaire is utilized in three separate meeting areas. In each case, the large-scale pendants provide comfortable, even light down to the work tables or casual chairs below.

“You can spot these unique pendants from across the workstations, so they act as wayfinding to the various collaborative spaces,” Peixoto said. “And they really do bring a different feel to the space.”

Mill pendants, in 25” and 35” diameters, define a casual space with soft seating. Even illumination is diffused over the area. This gathering space, too, is adjacent to workstations, so acoustics were a concern. Mill’s overlapping black felt panels help to absorb ambient sound.

Peixoto noted that most of the ceilings are quite low. But she could still make a bold statement with the larger Moto and Mill pendants because their scale is in their width rather than height.

Elsewhere on the office floor, Eureka's Aperture pendants are put to work, illuminating high-top counters that are also utilized as collaborative spaces. The 24” diameter luminaires deliver a soft glow down to the work surface.

"I love the quality of light of these luminaires," said Peixoto. "There are no hot spots on the surface below. And the shape and color give them a feeling of 'lightness' despite the large size."

The office design also includes a spacious community-style lunchroom and lounge, perfect for hosting office and industry events, while fostering a sense of community among team members. Parallel 45 used a combination of the open ceiling infrastructure, furniture, and lighting to incorporate shades of blue that represent Alphawave Semi’s branding. Various styles of seating are highlighted with specific lighting aesthetics. Eureka’s Quadrant luminaires are featured over two banquette areas. The ocean blue acoustic felt pendants are suspended at different heights along the open ceiling. They add illumination and reduce ambient sound while bringing a distinct look to the seating sections.

Scout pendants provide ambient lighting in spaces between the accent luminaires and the walkways adjacent to the lunchroom. The minimalist white fixtures blend seamlessly into the ceiling.

All luminaires are dimmable, and each lighting sector is controlled separately, allowing employees to adapt these spaces as needs change throughout the day or evening.

Employees have responded positively to the new work environment, appreciating both the variety of collaborative spaces and the controllability of the lighting.

"I just love this space," Peixoto said. "The Eureka luminaires allowed us to add many different points of visual interest throughout the floor. Yet even though they’re all different, they all work together, and look like they belong together.”


Project Name: Alphawave Semi

Location: Kanata (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada

Project completion: February 2023

Interior Design: Parallel 45 Design Group Ltd.

Eureka Agent: WSA

Photographer: JVL Photography