Brighton Eyecare

Contemporary lighting reinforces design vision at eyecare center

Brighton Eyecare is a full-service vision clinic for families in Saskatoon (Saskatchewan, Canada). The facility includes customer areas for eye examinations, various testing, and a substantial optician’s center to browse and purchase eyeglasses or sunglasses. Designers selected Eureka architectural luminaires in some of the public areas. 

Patients are greeted at a rounded reception desk in the center of the floor. Illumination is provided by Eureka’s Cycle luminaire, suspended directly above the desk. The oversized 54” ring, in matte white, complements the curvature and color of the desk below. With perfectly diffused direct and indirect illumination, Cycle’s luminous halo creates a dramatic statement.

The optician’s center is an expansive area in a sunny corner of the building, with two walls of windows that overlook the street. Two Aperture pendants are suspended over each of the two customer service desks. The elegant 24” diameter shades, in a bold matte anthracite, serve as placemaking to showcase each desk. Hidden within Aperture’s hollow core, high-performance LED strips create a soft glow of LED illumination down to the workspaces below. With no direct line of sight to the light source, customers have a glare-free experience as they work with their optician to select or fit new glass frames.

An additional patient zone is located further within the clinic itself; two counters are outfitted with sinks and mirrors to facilitate optometrist/patient interaction. Two Twin fixtures are suspended above each counter, providing strong direct light for the workspace below. The double-layered shade, in black, also shelters a soft circle of indirect light to bring additional warmth and illumination to the space.

Eureka’s selection of architectural luminaires contributes to a modern, professional, and welcoming environment at Brighton Eyecare.



Project Name: Brighton Eyecare

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Architect: Kindrachuk Agrey Architecture

Eureka Agent: Titan Electrical Group Inc.

Photographer: CONCEPTS Photography & Design