Hyatt Place Moncton

Lighting takes on artistic role to shape guest experience at Hyatt Place Moncton

The City of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada welcomed the news when the Corey Craig Group announced the development of the Hyatt Place hotel. Adjacent to the new Avenir Centre, a multi-sports/event arena, the hotel would be another positive step to revitalize the downtown core and draw more people to the area.

Saint John, New Brunswick-based design firm TOSS: was engaged to design the interior spaces. While the guestroom designs follow the Hyatt Place brand standard, the common, guest-facing areas were custom designed, including lighting by Eureka.

"The design is meant to awaken the senses, draw from the energy of the adjacent Avenir Centre, and reflect the landscape and culture of the Moncton region,” said Jennifer Greene, associate partner at TOSS. “We’ve achieved this through the fusion of diverse textures, a deep moody color palette accenting varied neutrals and warm mixed metals, and repeating patterns that echo the beauty of the regional landscape.”

Lighting played an essential role in the design, creating atmosphere and experience in addition to illumination. Because many of the luminaires in the design were intended to play an artistic, as well as functional role, Eureka’s offering of unique aesthetics was considered a perfect lighting toolbox.

Lighting above the Host Desk tells a story, conjuring up the feeling of leaves blowing in the wind from the nearby Bay of Fundy. Greene selected four Sail luminaires to suspend above the desk.

“The engineering behind Sail, made of a single piece of folded metal, creates a sense of lightness that lends itself to the idea of being caught up in a breeze off the Bay,” said Greene.

TOSS worked with the electrical contractor on site to tweak the placement of each Sail fixture, adjusting the heights and angles, until the grouping felt as natural and organic as intended. Natural and glare-free illumination from the ultra-thin OLED light source creates a welcoming experience as guests arrive at the desk.

Guestroom floor corridors have lower with minimal clearance above due to building systems infrastructure. TOSS sought an attractive surface-mounted fixture that could provide ample illumination while ensuring a calming experience for guests moving through these spaces; they selected Eureka’s Bloom luminaire.

Bloom has a powerful light source, softened by a spherical polymer diffuser to create efficient illumination gentle to the eye. To complement design elements from the guestroom corridors, Bloom was specified with a navy blue finish, and the raised ceiling surface is painted to match. The result is a subtle accent and a comfortably illuminated space.

Guests can take advantage of Hyatt Place’s indoor pool, a bright, airy space surrounded by windows. Eureka’s Iris wall-mounted luminaire was chosen for accent lighting around the pool deck area. The slightly curved shade appears to float over a radiating light, and the selected sunray lighting diffuser creates the feeling of sunlight on a beautiful day.

“We specified Iris in a custom white finish to blend in with the wall color, which allows the ‘sun rays’ to really ‘shine’,” said Greene.

Aesthetics are intended to complement any banquet, meeting, or presentation in the hotel’s conference facilities. Eighteen Lap wall sconces provide indirect lighting in an understated, sculptural form throughout the meeting rooms, corridors, and crush spaces. The white powder coat finish offers a clean, crisp contrast against the darker gray walls of the meeting rooms. In the corridors, the same finish provides a 3D tone-on-tone look against a paler background.

“We’re very happy with the outcome,” said Greene. “The various Eureka luminaires complement the overall design intent and play an integral role in creating the desired atmosphere to enhance the guest experience.”


Project Name: Hyatt Place

Location: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Interior Designer: TOSS:

Eureka Agent: Focus Electrical Sales

Completed:  September 2020

Photographer:  Daniel St. Louis