Terminus Building

Architectural lighting lends a dramatic flair to real estate developer's flagship office

Design Build Services is a family business transforming the urban landscape in Langford, British Columbia (Canada). The Terminus building is the company's flagship in a new complex known as District 56. Featuring five stories of commercial, meeting, event, and co-working areas, Terminus will eventually be joined by two additional buildings offering mixed-use space for residential and commercial.

Terminus was designed and built to create an eco-friendly choice for local businesses. As one of the first mass timber structures on Vancouver Island, it offers a lighter carbon footprint than other building materials.

The fifth floor is home to the Design Build Services suite of offices, envisioned by McGeachy Design Studio. High wooden ceilings, wood beams and columns, and many windows work together to create an inviting, airy environment. 

Eureka's Cycle pendants were selected to illuminate and provide placemaking in several key areas. The reception and waiting areas feature a collection of single oversized fixtures, ranging from 24" to 72” in diameter. Suspended in a randomized pattern across the wood ceiling, the anthracite rings fill the open space with presence and simplicity. Smaller 24” and 36” circular fixtures extend into the central kitchen communal area.

Regardless of size, high-performance light sources in each luminaire, combined with an outer reflector, create luminous halos across the ceilings and perfectly diffused direct/indirect illumination.

Designers also utilized Cycle's scalability, layering two rings to fashion chandelier-style pendants in a boardroom and meeting space. In each case, a 24” ring is suspended above a 36” ring, illuminating the room while adding a unique flair.

All Eureka luminaires are controlled with nLight® Wired lighting control technology. The staff can seamlessly control lighting levels from room to room, which helps to reduce energy costs and improve occupant comfort.

“The Cycle pendants were the perfect choice for our office and they’re simply stunning,” said Rebecca McKay, chief business development officer at Design Build Services. “The combination of uplight and downlight was a must for us to showcase the mass timber elements in our space.”


Project Name: Terminus at District 56

Location: Langford, British Columbia, Canada

Architect: Jack James Architect

Designer: McGeachy Design Studio

General Contractor: DB Services of Victoria Inc.

Eureka Agent: Symmetry Lighting, LTD.

Completed: November 2021

Photographer: Dasha Armstrong