Lighting defines community spaces at health care administrative offices

Moving to a modern office space with floor to ceiling glass on all exterior walls was the perfect prescription for Cincinnati’s TriHealth. The health care organization sought to cultivate an environment of community, collaboration, and well-being for its administrative team, and this bright, airy space, where everyone would have access to natural light, was the ideal setting.

GBBN was contracted to design the fitout as TriHealth took over the top seven floors of the office building. An open staircase serves as the focal point and connection between teams and floors, while also promoting a healthy alternative to taking the elevator.

Transparency, both figuratively and literally, is the watchword. Conference rooms and collaborative spaces are divided with glass walls to keep the areas bright. And low-profile desks throughout the office floors ensure all team members have access to the exterior windows’ natural light - and each other.

“Interior lighting choices had to be complementary to all that natural light,” said Megan Mershman, interior designer at GBBN.  

Mershman and project architect Scott Vidourek selected Eureka Lighting’s Aperture luminaires for community zones throughout the seven floors. They worked with over 70 Aperture fixtures in a variety of diameters (12-, 24- and 36-inch) as well as colors (white and anthracite).

"Having access to different scales and colors of Aperture enabled us to define the community spaces while maintaining a common lighting design aesthetic,” said Mershman. “It also gave us the flexibility to work with them in different settings, such as kitchenettes, lounges, and seating spaces under the stairs.”

The overall design intent for the office was clean, crisp, and uncluttered. The simple, contemporary Aperture fixture complements each space without overwhelming it. 

“Aperture’s drum is very nice looking, even unlit. It holds its own in the space, day or night,” said Vidourek.

Hidden inside Aperture’s elegant form is a strip of LED illumination that encircles a surprisingly hollow core. With no direct line of sight to the light source, it creates a glare-free experience.

“We used Aperture luminaires in the café, where ceilings are slightly higher than other spaces. You can see the underside of the luminaire, but you don't get a hot spot. And it has a really nice glow and warmth to it," Vidourek said.

GBBN's design team is delighted with the final result. Creating, and effectively lighting, the community spaces have changed the way this group of people work and contribute to their organization.

“The transformation of our leadership and administrative offices has been remarkable,” said Steve Mombach, senior vice president, Ambulatory Services & Network Development of TriHealth Cincinnati. “Beyond the physical improvement of these workplaces, the positive change in our employees’ productivity, collaboration and morale has been incredible.”


Client: TriHealth Corporate Administration Offices

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Designer/Specifier: GBBN

Eureka Agent: King Lighting

Completed:  June 2018

Photographer:  Ryan Kurtz