Product Characteristics: Design:
Berri is a family of fixtures based on a combination of tubes and luminous spheres. Both unique and endless, the possible configurations can suit a wide range of functional and decorative applications.

Berri’s installation is very versatile and suitable for any space. Each tube can be adjusted around 360 degrees, allowing the luminaire to take many shapes and sizes. A unique loop gripper also increases modularity. Loops can be installed anywhere along the tubes, and grippers can be angled up to 60 degrees for any specific installations. Various canopy options are available. Aircraft and power cable lengths are adjustable on site.

Light Source:
Two LED strips are wrapped around a cylindrical heatsink for an even and powerful diffusion. Available in static and tunable white with different outputs to meet a wide variety of applications. Many control options are available.

Cylindrical aluminum tubes of various lengths, either straight or curved, are offered in three standard colours: painted white or black or anodized soft gold. Rotomolded spherical diffuser in LLDPE plastic. Finish BLKE | SGO | WHE
nLight Enabled
nLight® Air Enabled


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