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Elke pendant highlights our discreet Mika 4230 diffusor by redefining its volume and scale. Lighted versions (4226) or the versions without light source (4226U) can be used alone or arranged to create impressive layouts, while multiplying the sound absorption. Available in 3 sizes and with the possibility to mix the felt panels color which are cut by a high precision CNC cutter.

Elke is suspended from an aircraft cable and powered by a clear electrical cable with standard or slim magnetic canopy available in white fine textured finish, with no visible fastener. Elke Unlit is suspended on an aircraft cable without canopy and is assembled without tools with an ingenious crisscross joining system.

The shade is composed of two sound absorbing panels interlocked with four full panels that increase acoustic comfort. They are made from synthetic felt composed of recycled and recyclable polyethylene (PET) fibers with low VOC levels, formaldehyde-free, non-irritant and odorless. Panels are available in 30 colors. Shade Finish: ABF | AWF | BBF | BOF | BTF | BYF | CHF | NBF | OBF | PGF | PREM | REF | SGF | TGF | ZFF

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