Product Characteristics: Design:
Knit offers a powerful light engine packaged into a soft and delicate felt-like acoustic shell. This luminaire combines gentle looks with outstanding performance.

Triple aircraft cable configuration with level and height adjustment, for easier accessibility.

Light Source:
A powerful COB light source projects a light, softened by a large polymer diffusion dome to create an illumination that is efficient & elegant. Knit is also offered with additional uplight using a second light source.

The structure is composed of a laser cut mounting plate that allows the light engine and the shade to be mounted onto it. The diffuser is clipped on the internal reflector attached to the light engine. Canopy offered in white or black.

Using thermoforming to create beautiful volume and form, Knit is available in silver grey, and charcoal gray. Made from at least 42% recycled PET bottles, the shade is also fully recyclable. This material does not contain any irritants and is odourless. Finish BLKE | WHE
Shade Finish: ABF | BBF | BOF | BTF | CHF | NBF | OBF | PGF | PREM | REF | SGF | TGF | ZFF
nLight Enabled
nLight® Air Enabled
Available Light Sources
40W, LEDC1
50W, LEDC2
56W, LEDC3
65W, LEDC4

Application Photos