Ceiling Suspended 4028B

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Product Characteristics: Design :
Radar is designed with an imposing softly curved and brightly illuminated cupola that acts as a reflector and channels light downwards. A trendy and practical solution for high ceilings or for defining a lower illuminated space.

Installation :
Simplified installation featuring a hook on stem system, a keyhole locking mechanism and a magnetic canopy without any visible fasteners.

Light Source :
A 32W custom made LED engine composed of 12 high powered LED with standard 0-10V or phase dimming.

Structure :
Custom die cast aluminum heatsink with steel stem and canopy, featuring a black architectural grade fine texture finish. Thermoformed acrylic reflector with white opaque frosted finish.

Structure Finish BLKE
Shade Finish: WH
Available Light Sources
32W, LED 3000K (Warm) PHASE DIMMING 120V
32W, LED 3000K (Warm) 0-10V DIMMING 120-277V
32W, LED 3500K (Natural) PHASE DIMMING 120V
32W, LED 3500K (Natural) 0-10V DIMMING 120-277V
32W, LED 4000K (Neutral) PHASE DIMMING 120V
32W, LED 4000K (Neutral) 0-10V DIMMING 120-277V

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