Product Characteristics: DESIGN:
Roof showcases a wide, curved diffuser displaying comfortable illumination, nestled within the cavity of a delicate felt exterior shell. Offered in 4ft and 6ft.

A hinge-like system helps install the fixture to the ceiling. A small felt trim, which matches the color of the shade, hides the hardware.

Roof boasts lighting that is both uniform and glare-free, using an optical film. Phase or 0-10V dimming offered.

Made from recycled PET panels, the felt shell is a visually comforting element that also offers sound absorbing properties. End panels can also be configured with a different color than the shell. All felt components are available in 24 colors.
Shade Finish: ABF | BBF | BOF | BTF | CHF | NBF | OBF | PGF | PREM | REF | SGF | TGF | ZFF
nLight Enabled
nLight® Air Enabled
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